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About Us

         LEFAM Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of beverages such as coconut water, fruit juice, energy drinks, aloe vera, coffee, carbonated soft drinks ... with the staff. Active, creative, experienced, we hope to bring you the best quality products.
         As you know , Vietnam is one of the countries with diverse fruit sources, famous new flavors in the world such as coconut, coffee, durian, mangosteen ... So, we want to produce all kinds of Vietnamese drinks are sold to the world market for everyone to feel the fresh taste of tropical fruit.
With the above inspiration, LEFAM has built a 20,000-square-meter factory system, modern production line with a capacity of 200 containers of juice per month to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Besides, our R&D team is constantly learning new trends in the world to improve products with better quality.
         In addition, LEFAM provides drinking water outsourcing services for brands around the world, either with their original recipe or based on our own recipe, label and design as provided by the customer or us. Free label design is possible.
LEFAM also provides convenient transportation to all ports in the world via air or sea, so it can ensure that the products will reach customers promptly and quickly.
        LEFAM has been certified to GMP, ISO, HACCP, FDA, Halal, FSSC, USDA Organic and EU Organic. Therefore, we guarantee that our products meet international standards and are freely sold in any market in the world.
With the desire to provide customers with quality and nutritional products, LEFAM always produces products according to the strictest Food Safety process. In addition, with the strength of a variety of products thanks to Vietnam's abundant fruit supply, LEFAM believes that it will bring customers fresh products such as handcrafted recipes.
        Customers' satisfaction and health are the joy and motivation for LEFAM to improve and develop more and more to bring Vietnamese brand to the world.






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